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Recycle for a better future and environment. Temarry Recycling Inc. is a permitted Treatment, Storage and Disposal Facility (TSDF) providing a comprehensive waste management program for both solvent and solid hazardous waste.

We believe that recycling is not enough. We search out new, innovative methods and find practical re-uses for substances that are used every day. Reuse is the preferred alternative to relying on our landfills as a solution of waste disposal. Temarry personnel are skilled with the latest state-of-the-art techniques.

Our clients rely on the responsiveness, efficiency and safety-conscious practices of the Temarry team to provide the tasks that need to be performed. Temarry clients are always assured of receiving the highest level of technical expertise.


In Mexico please contact us at 01-665-655-1462 or (800) 025-6249, in Mexico City call 01-558-525-6587 or E-Mail us at

If you want to call our offices in Mexico from the United States, please dial as follows: 011-52-665-655-1462.

If you want to leave a message in the United States, please call Temarry Recycling, Inc. 619-270-9453

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